FreeBSD 9.0R をインストール

The FreeBSD Project サイトから FreeBSD-9.0-RELEASE-i386-disc1.iso をダウンロードして CD に焼く。これをコンピュータにセットして CD からブートする。

  • ここではスクリーンショットを取るために VMware Server を使用した。この記事以外は実機で行っている。

コンピュータがゲロゲロっと動いて、上のような黒い画面が表示される。カウントダウンが始まるので待つ。もしくは、ENTER キーを押す。

[Welcome] Welcom to FreeBSD! Would you like to begin an installation or use the live CD ?

<Install> を選択。[ENTER] 

[Keymap Selection] Would you like to set a non-default key mapping for your keyboard ?

<Yes> を選択。[ENTER]

[Keyboard Menu] Choose your keyboard language

Japanese 106 を選択。[ENTER]

  • 使用しているキーボードに合わせて選択。


[Set Hostname] Please choose a hostname for this machine. If you are running on a managed network ,please ask your network administrator for an appropriate name.



[Distribution Select] Choose optional system components to install:


  • 別途インストールできるので無理に選択しなくてもよい。

[Partitioning] Would you like to use the guided partitioning tool (recommended for beginners) or to set up partitions manually (experts) ? You can also open a shell and set up partitions entirely by hand.

<Guided> を選択。[ENTER]

[Partition] Would you like to use this entire disk (????) for FreeBSD or partition it to share it with other operationg systems? Using the entire disk will erase any data currently stored there.

<Entire Disk> を選択。[ENTER]

[Partition Editor] Please review the disk setup. When complete, press the Finish button.

そのまま <Finish> を選択。[ENTER]

[Confirmation] Your changes will now be written to disk. If you have chosen to overwrite existing data, it will be PERMANENTLY ERASED. Are you sure you want to commit your changes ?

<Commit> を選択。[ENTER]

このあと、数画面ゲロゲロっと自動的に動く(インストールする)ので、待つ。すると、root のパスワード入力を促される。 


Please select a password for the system management account (root):

New Password: パスワードを入力 [ENTER]
Retype New Password: 同じパスワードを入力 [ENTER]

[Network Configuration] Please select a network interface to configure

使用できるネットワークカードが認識されて表示される。一応確認して使用する NIC を選ぶ [ENTER]


[Network Configuration] Would you like to configure IPv4 for this interface ?

<Yes> を選択。[ENTER]

[Network Configuration] Would you like to use DHCP to configure this interface ?

<Yes> を選択。[ENTER]

  • コンピュータの IP アドレスは後で設定するため、とりあえず DHCP を利用するようにしておく。

[Network Configuration] Would you like to configure IPv6 for this interface ?

<No> を選択。[ENTER]

  • IPv6 を利用する場合は Yes 。

[Network Configuration] Resolver Configuration

表示されている内容を確認して [ENTER]

[Select local or UTF (Greenwich Mean Time) clock] Is this machine’s CMOS clock set to UTC? If it is set to local time, or you don’t know, please choose NO here !

<No> を選択。[ENTER]

[Time Zone Selector] Select a region

Asia を選択。[ENTER]

[Countries in Asia] Select a country or region

Japan を選択。[ENTER]

[Confirmation] Does the abbreviation ‘JST’ look reasonable?

<Yes> を選択。[ENTER]

[System Configuration] Choose the services you would like to be started a boot:

何も選ばないでそのまま [ENTER]

  • 必要なものは個別にインストールする。

[Dumpdev Configuration] Would you like to enable crash dumps? If you start having problems with the system it can help the FreeBSD developers debug the problem. But the crash dumps can tabke up a lot of disk space in /var.

<YES> を選択。[ENTER]

[Add User Accounts] Would you like to add users to the installed system now?

<YES> を選択。[ENTER]


Add Users

Username: username [ENTER]
Full name: username [ENTER]
Uid (Leave empty for default): [ENTER]
Login group [username]: groupname [ENTER]
Login group is ooo. Invite username into other groups? []: [ENTER]
Login class [default]: [ENTER]
Shell (sh csh tcsh nologin) [sh]: tcsh [ENTER]
Home directory [/home/username]: [ENTER]
Home directory permissions (Leave empty for default): [ENTER]
Use password-based authentication? [yes]: [ENTER]
Use an empty password? (yes/no) [no]: [ENTER]
Use a random password? (yes/no) [no]: [ENTER]
Enter password: パスワード入力 [ENTER]
Enter password again: 上と同じパスワード入力 [ENTER]
Lock out the account after creation? [no]: [ENTER]


OK? (yes/no): yes
adduser: INFO: Successfully added (username) to the user database.
Add another user? (yes/no): no

[Final Configuration] Setup of your FreeBSD system is nearly complete. You can now modify your configuration choices. After this screen, your will have an opportunity to make more complex changes using a shell.

Exit が選択されていることを確認。[ENTER]

[Manual Configuration] The installation is now finished. Before exiting the installer, would you like to open a shell in the new system to make any final manual modifications?

<No> を選択。[ENTER]

[Complete] Installation of FreeBSD complete! Would you like to reboot into the installed system now?

<Reboot> を選択。[ENTER]

この後、コンピュータが再起動したら、CD を抜き取る(もし CD ブートしてしまったら、もう一度再起動)。


コンソールログイン画面になったら、一般ユーザでログインし、そのまま、su でスーパーユーザになる。

/etc/rc.conf を編集して、コンピュータの IP アドレスを入力したら保存。

/etc/rc.conf の例

ifconfig_xx0=”inet netmask″


# ifconfig


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